How to make money on virtual numbers?

The topic of earning on the Internet has become relevant in recent years, and virtual numbers can become one type of such earning.

The work is divided into 3 components:

The first step is to find the SMS activation service

Initially, we need numbers and a lot, so we are looking for an SMS activation service, preferably with a large number of numbers available and countries.

The second stage is to find or develop software for mass account registrations

Registering thousands of accounts manually is certainly not easy, so we need software that will do this for us, so either ask the administration of the SMS service, or look for it ourselves, or write the software yourself.

The third stage — monetization of accounts

You can monetize new accounts in different ways, for example, sell them on the exchange and earn from the difference in value. Or let’s say someone promote an account on Instagram. Options for using accounts is limited only by the imagination of the owner.