How to get a pva account?

Recently, people working on the Internet have become more frequent cases of the need to use an additional account in social networks and instant messengers, and for some of them the creation of these accounts has become the main income.

So how do you get a pva account on whatsapp, facebook or google?

As a buyer, there are two ways:

1 way

Find exchanges selling ready-made PVA accounts and purchase it there. All data in the account will already be filled in and it will be confirmed by the phone number, but there is a risk of losing the account, because the original creator of this account has the login information. Pros that you can immediately start working with this account. Cons — it’s more expensive than creating it yourself and some risks associated with it.

2 way

Find SMS services for selling virtual numbers and create an account yourself, manually.

Although this method is longer in execution, it’s definitely safer and you can choose the number of almost any country, put the name of the page on facebook you want, and save money if you need a large amount of pva, because on exchanges the price of pva is higher than the numbers for their creation on SMS services.

We hope this information will help you in obtaining or creating PVA.